EPC Certificates, MEES Reports & Low Carbon Consultancy

Set up by three industry experts MEES Solutions offers unrivalled specialist advice and modelling for all Domestic and Non Domestic ‘Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards’ related issues, be it MEES reports and EPC Certificates for houses or flats, office, retail or industrial, a portfolio of properties or a single unit.

We have the capability to assess and benchmark large portfolios quickly. We can also quality assess existing EPC Certificates and offer advice on their inputs, reliance on defaults, rating if re-lodged now and suitability for MEES Compliance to quickly assess your exposure and liability.

We will use our expertise in the complex MEES legislation as well as our unparalleled knowledge of the EPC methodology to ensure the most cost efficient compliance solutions are achieved, be it through more accurate modelling, use of Level 5 software, MEES exemptions or energy efficiency improvements.

Contact us on 0203 475 0544 for more information or to discuss your requirements.


MEES Solutions are ideally placed to assess your exposure to the forthcoming MEES regulations. Our team are able to assess the validity of any existing EPC, assist in retrofit solutions and consider lease and dilaps situations. Please feel free to complete the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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